Builth with profiles in extrused aluminium assembled to assure a maxim seal to the inclemency of the weather, an easy assembling and a noiseless working, the shutters mod. "Serena" are used for the most various types of commercial and industrial vehicles, replacing the encumbering and uncomfortable openings at leaf.
The standard profiles of quality and particular shape anoded in silver glazed, can have an height of 30 mm or 38 mm. Besides it possible to have a dressing in polyestere powder with more than 150 colors.
The lock is automatic and it's disposable with or without the key, thanks to an aluminium terminal built with metal and plastic mechanism to give the maxim assurance in the lontg run.
The aluminium rolls are disponsable in 45 or 60 mm, to obviate the encumbered problems and they are realized with steel springs to assure the maxim resistance.
The lateral packings do to shut very perfectly the shutter and prevent, together with lateral packings of superior quality and the ones positioned in each profile, the contact of the metal parts.
We make on measure aluminium shutters of maxim surface of 7 m.q. (2.40 metres in width and 3 in height).